Suzuki Swift appears for the first time in 1985 under the name
SA-310, but in 1986 was renamed to Swift. The engine is 993cc,
37 kW / 50hp, gaining from 0 to 100 km / h to 17.9 seconds and has
a maximum speed of 141 km / h. Engine G10 weighs only 63 kg.
The names under which sold Suzuki Swift are Suzuki Cultus,
Chevrolet Sprint, Geo Metro, Pontiac Firefly, Maruti 1000 Forsa.
Suzuki Swift is the most common vehicle of Suzuki. Made in Japan
and Hungary. Available in several modifications (2 / 4 door,
hatchback / sedan) with different (1.0, 1.3 и 1.6 l) engines and
level of equipment. There is a sports version called Swift GTI (for
Europe and Australia), GT (for America) and Cultus (for Japanese
market), where it power has slightly increased.
MK3 series replaced MK2 with lighter lifting of the bumper, rear
lights and upgraded hall. In Europe, MK3 is known as MK2-Type2
and produced by Magyar Suzuki to 2003. In Esztergom, Hungary
the first car was produced in September 1992. Since 1996
modified version is called MK3-Type1 and since 2000 -MK3-Type2.
Recent changes made in 2002. and the car is known as
MK3-Type3, but it was only for Hungarian market. The last car of
this series is produced in March 2003.
The new Mk4 is presented in 2004. Made in
Hungary, India, Japan and China. Available in several
modifications 3/4/5 door, 1.3 and 1.5 liters engines and
optional 4WD drive. Extremely welcome in
Europe with sales exceeding forecasts twice.
In 2008 Suzuki Swift run slightly modified version with new
bumpers, built-in winkers to the driver vision, a new mask and
rear lights.